Are you a wholesaler looking to close more deals?

Brass Financial Group is here to help your business grow with a full suite of loan programs to offer your potential buyers on your wholesale deals! Interested in learning more? Click the link below to get started.


Get Paid

By partnering with Brass Financial Group, any client that comes through your wholesale link that closes will earn you referral income

Loan Programs

Brass offers loan programs for both residential mortgages and real estate investment loans to help your buyers qualify

Simpe Process

Brass Financial Group streamlines the loan process to help your buyer close fast

Nationwide Lending

With Brass you can lend nationwide for real estate investment loans

Ready to increase your business?

Become a Wholesale Partner
in 3 Easy Steps

Discover Brass

Schedule a call with brass to learn more about our loan programs, process, and marketing.

Make It Official

You’ll be assigned an account executive that will work with all of your referrals, and be your point of contact for any questions.

Getting Set Up

Your account executive will send you marketing materials and a landing page co-branded to track your referrals.

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