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Helping you achieve your financial goals with Loan Programs designed to fit every situation.

  • Loan Program Feature - Fast

    Fast Approvals

    We have streamlined our approval process to get you approved FAST!

  • Loan Program Feature - Easy Process

    Easy Process

    Our easy application process doesn't require you to fill out endless forms or to provide supporting documentation.

  • Loan Program Feature - Competitive Rates

    Highly Competitive Rates

    We are here to get you funded fast, easy, and at a fair competitive rate.

  • Loan Program Feature - Funds in 7 Days

    Funds in 7 - 10 Days

    Most loans are funded in only 7 to 10 days so you can get on with your life.

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Why Choose Brass Financial

We are a Private Lender that funds Fix & Flip, Rental and Hard Money Loans in days.

We are a Direct Private Hard Money Lender that gets loans funded in days, not months that banks and other mortgage companies cannot or will not fund. We offer true No Income—NO DOC Loans, Fix & Flip, Long Term Rental Loans, Cash out or Purchase, in addition to our Business, Personal and Commercial Loans.

Remember, when you need cash, call Brass!

Kind Words

Brass Financial Group was a pleasure to work with. They made things so easy from start to finish and answered every one of my questions throughout the process. I would definitely recommend them again to my clients.

Dana Smith

Outstanding service, great rates and they execute well under pressure. I recommend them to all my friends and family for friendly and swift investment loans. The more you use them, the better the rate becomes. Highly recommend Brass Financial Group for a top-tier lending organization.

Trista Goldberg

Brass Financial is the best company out there for people who flip real estate. Their program for flippers is unbelievable and their mortgage financing programs are the bees knees. Great, great job guys can't wait to do a ton more of business with you.

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How can we help?

icon- Fix and Flip Loans
Fix & flip loans

Get funds quickly. Fast and Easy financing for your fix & flip property projects.

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icon- Business Loans
business loans

No doc, no hassle business loans make it easy to get the capital your business needs when you need it.

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icon- Rental Loans
rental loans

No doc, no hassle loans make it easy to get the capital to purchase income-producing rental properties.

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icon- Commercial Loans
commercial loans

No income commercial loans make it easy to get the funding you need when you need it.

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icon- Hard Money Loans
hard money loans

The quickest way to secure funding for a property—for when time is of the essence.

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icon- Residential Mortgages
residential mortgages

Offering a full range of residential mortgage options, allowing us to match you with the perfect mortgage solution.

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