Perfecting The BRRRR Method

Buy – Renovate – Rent – Refinance – Repeat

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What is the

BRRRR Method?

This real estate investing strategy is a unique one that can work well for the right investor. The BRRRR strategy is an acronym that stands for buy, rehab, rent, refinance, repeat. Essentially, this method follows the acronym. The investor buys a distressed property, rehabs it, rents it out, refinances to pull cash out, and then continues this pattern to build a portfolio and grow wealth. A serious real estate investor can implement the BRRRR method rather effectively, but there are some significant barriers to entry and a lot of work involved.

What are the BRRRR Stages?

STEP 1. Buy

Once you find a distressed property you can use our Fix & Flip loan to purchase the property with as little as 10% down!


Our Fix & Flip loan includes funding for the renovation cost of the project whether its a cosmetic rehab or a full renovation.


Once the property is ready to be rented, all you need to do is find a renter and start earning monthly cash flow.


Using our rental loan you can take cash out of the property using up to 75% of the new value, by doing the fix and flip loan then the refinance with the rental loan it is a streamlined process and savings.


Now that you have completed the steps to the BRRRR Method you can take the cash out you received on the refinance and start the process all over again on another property to grow your rental portfolio!

Fix & Flip

Rates from 9.25%

Up To 90% LTV & 100% Reno

SFR, 2+ Units, Condo, Townhome

Easy Draw Process

Terms from 12M – 2 Yrs


Rates from 6.49%

Up To 80% LTV

SFR, 2+ Units, Condo, Townhome

Purchase & Cash Out Options

Terms from 30-40 Years

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