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                                   Over 1 Billion Dollars Funded!
 Even though we are a small family business we have had significant success in our industry. We routinely approve loans that other banks deny and not only do we approve them but in most cases we get them closed in under 10 days. We have established some great relationships with private investors across the county and in many cases it is our company’s reputation and our relationships with our investors that gets your loan request funded.

The Brasslett name has been a very prominent name in the banking industry for over 25 years. We are a family business and our main focus has always been helping families achieve their financial goals. To date we have helped over 5,000 families and we are genuinely looking forward to helping your family as well, whether it’s buying your first property or getting the working capital to grow your business we would be honored to help you.
              Remember, when you need Cash Call Brass!

No Red Tape or Delays

Up to 

90% LTV

Funds in 7-10 Days

Competitive Rates

Loan Programs
Brass Financial Group offers a wide variety of private loans to fit your needs!

The Process

  1. Apply
    Once you find a Loan that will fit your needs you'll than fill out Brass Financial Groups quick application for Pre Approval
  2. We will reach out to you
    Shortly after getting your loan request a loan officer will reach out to the number you provided to greet themselves and ask any questions missed on the application.
  3. Investors
    After our conversation we will send your deal through our computer system to our many investors and find a home for your loan
  4. Term sheet & agreement
    Once we get your loan to an investor we will then put together a term sheet and a agreement to send to the client to review and sign
  5. Receiving of funds
    Once terms are accepted Funds with then arrive 24-48 hours after


"They helped my business GROW!"

We needed fast cash to buy inventory for our seasonal business. We were not able to get the funds we needed from our local bank. A friend of ours referred us to the Brass Financial Group. They saved the day! We were approved for more then what we needed and we received the funds within days.

"I needed help fast!"

We were facing foreclosure and didn’t know what we could do to save our home. We called Brass Financial Group and were able to pay off our mortgage with the bank. We were also able to take additional cash out of our home to pay off some of our other bills that were stacking up. So, not only did Brass save our home, they truly helped us get back on our feet again. The process was fast and very easy! We closed in a few days and they treated us with such dignity and respect. We would highly recommend them to anyone.

"Great Investment opportunity"

We have been investing with Brass Financial Group for a few years now and have made several transactions with them. On average, we consistently earned over 10% per year. They have always keep us updated on our investments and we have never had any issues. In fact, we feel this has been among the safest investments we had ever made and the returns are fantastic!

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